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Everglades airboat rides

Are Everglades Airboat Rides Safe, and What To Expect?

When people think of the Everglades, they often see images of wild alligators and dangerous swamps. Let’s be honest: the Everglades is nature at its rawest aspect. It is a place where nature shows all its true colors. It is why Everglades airboat rides are such a great way to discover Florida’s wildlife. Our captains […]

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Do Airboat Rides Florida Everglades impact the environment

Do Airboat Rides Florida Everglades Impact the Environment?

The Florida Everglades is a very fragile environment. Preserving its natural ecosystem is of crucial importance to us. Many factors can affect the Everglades, and the smallest changes can lead to severe changes to its natural balance. Humans have already affected many differences in the Everglades by developing the area and introducing invasive animal species […]

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