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Florida Airboat Rides – Discover Some Incredible Animals

Vacationing in Fort Lauderdale is the perfect way to get the relaxation you’ve been yearning for all year. Fort Lauderdale’s 24 miles of coastal shores have some of the best sandy beaches out here in Florida. Chilling on the beach (or should we say: cooking) can get a little monotonous. But don’t worry. Florida airboat rides can bring some fun and adventure to your vacation. After all, a Florida holiday wouldn’t be complete without at least trying to see the famous Everglades alligators. Check out some of the animals you will likely meet during our Florida airboat rides.

Hundreds of different animal species

We know many of you will want to see an alligator, as the thought of the Everglades often produces images of impressive reptiles. However, you will be pleased to know that there are many more animals to discover. Let’s bring some numbers: the Everglades has over 40 mammal species, 50 reptile species, 300 saltwater and fresh fish species, and 350 bird species. Some species are scarce, with some being unique to the Everglades. Florida counts 36 protected or endangered species in the Everglades national park. Our Florida airboat rides will take you to amazing animals you may not have expected to see during your visit to the Everglades.

Two giant reptiles: the American crocodile and alligator

Let’s get back to what most people want to see: the big and impressive American alligator and crocodile. While we put those two together, they are different creatures. Crocodiles aren’t picky. They live in salt and fresh water, while the alligator is a bit more of a snob, opting to live in freshwater environments. Since the Everglades have those two different types of waters, it is the only place where alligators and crocodiles coexist.

Here’s a tip on how to make the difference between an alligator and a crocodile: check out their snout and color. If that cute snout is V-shaped, you are most likely looking at a crocodile. If that lovely little snout is U-shaped, then it’s an alligator. As far as colors go, alligators have more of a dark, olive, dull gray body, while crocodiles are more light brown-grey. It is sometimes unclear, but you can tell the difference with good visibility and by combining the snout and color.

Florida airboat rides bird encounters

The Everglades count many Wading birds. Wading birds have long legs if you didn’t know. The lovely roseate spoonbill is one of the most known and sought-after birds you might encounter during Florida airboat rides. It is pink, majestic, and beautiful. Other wading birds roam the Everglades, such as the great blue heron and the wood stork. Also, keep an eye out for raptors such as the red-shouldered hawk. A lot of birds in the Everglades are protected species.

Florida airboat rides mammal encounters

You will be happy to know that mammals and furred creatures also roam the Everglades. Keep an eye out for those tiny and cute marsh rabbits, the enigmatic North American river otter, and the sumptuous white-tailed deer. The Florida panther is also a potential candidate to look out for, but seeing one is rare. There is also a weird big fellow in river estuaries or slow-moving and shallow rivers: the West Indian manatee. This unusual mammal is undoubtedly a sight to behold.

There are many other creatures you can potentially see. From snakes to fish going through bugs, we will point them out if we drive past them. Feel free to tell us if you’re interested in seeing a particular animal. Contact us or mention it while booking our Florida airboat rides. We will always do our best to make you discover those extraordinary creatures!

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