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Are Everglades Airboat Tours Better in the Summer or Winter?

Choosing the better time of the year can make or break a well-deserved vacation. Most people want the best weather they can get, which generally means hot and sunny when it comes to coastal breaks. After all, most of you want to relax on the beach and spend some time outdoors to forget your day-to-day work stresses. Everglades airboat tours are perfect for de-stressing and having a wild adventure that will take you out of your every day worries. Florida’s weather is mostly hot throughout the year, but is there a better time to pick your vacation?

Florida’s different seasons

Florida mostly has hot temperatures throughout the year, but you’ve probably heard people saying you’re better off making your way there during the winter. It is because Florida’s yearly weather has two seasons: the dry and wet seasons. We offer Everglades airboat tours during both of those seasons, but you should know which season might suit you best. Let’s look at the dry and wet seasons and which you will want to choose.

Everglades airboat tours in winter – the dry season

Winter is also known as the dry season, but it covers winter and spring, starting in December and lasting until mid-May. It is hot and sunny, with temperatures averaging from mid-50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The key features that distinguish the dry season are milder temperatures are lower humidity levels. The atmosphere isn’t so muggy, and most people find it easier to handle the dry season. It is why many tourists come to Florida during the dry season. Relaxing on the beach and enjoying Everglades airboat tours are made more accessible under this milder weather.

Everglades airboat tours in summer – the wet season

Summer is also known as the wet season, although it covers both summer and fall. The wet season starts mid-May and lasts till the end of November. Temperatures during the wet season are hotter, reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity levels are much higher. Most of Florida’s rain happens during the wet season. You can expect muggier weather, rain, and some thunderstorms. This more intense weather is why the wet season appeals to fewer people. Everglades airboat tours feel more intense, akin to a tropical jungle-like experience.

Should you pick winter or summer?

For most people, winter or the dry season is the better choice. The weather is much easier to handle and all-around more pleasant. Few enjoy lying on a sandy beach in the rain, let alone that imposing heat. The dry season is the better choice if you’re having a family holiday with younger and older family members. The only downfall of the dry season is the increased presence of tourists. Everglades airboat tours will also be busier, so you will want to book early. It happens in a lot of places. Better weather attracts the most people; it is just an inevitable phenomenon.

The summer or wet season is, however, not a lost cause. Let’s say you’re doing a solo vacation or with a few friends and looking for an authentic adventure. Maybe you prefer to avoid tourist crowds so much, and you like to meet the real locals. The higher heat, rain and more authentic Florida feel might be the right thing for you. Everglades airboat tours feel more like an expedition, with nature appearing more hostile. Simply put, summer in the Everglades makes for a highly different experience that is far more intense and that thrill-seeker might enjoy best.

So there you have it. Now that you know a bit about how the weather works in Florida, it will help you decide whether Everglades airboat tours are better for you in summer or winter. You should know that your safety is our priority, and we will cancel and reschedule if the weather is too dangerous. Our adventures can range from fun to intense, but we will never put you in danger. So book your ride at the time that suits you best. Feel free to ask us about the Florida weather. We will always do our best to inform you the best we can!

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