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Are Everglades Airboat Rides Safe, and What To Expect?

When people think of the Everglades, they often see images of wild alligators and dangerous swamps. Let’s be honest: the Everglades is nature at its rawest aspect. It is a place where nature shows all its true colors. It is why Everglades airboat rides are such a great way to discover Florida’s wildlife. Our captains know what they are doing, and trust us when we say it: your safety is the most important thing to us. Let’s take a look at how we can ke


We want to make the first point is that you are in safe hands. Our captains are experienced captains with over 35 years of bringing people to the Everglades. We are, in fact, native of the Everglades, and we know the swamps and marshes as if it was our land. We hold Captain’s licenses issued by Florida, and we are C.P.R. and first aid certified. We don’t take any of it lightly when it comes to safety. We wouldn’t take people out to the Everglades if we weren’t some of the most qualified captains in Florida. Just know that you are in good hands. It isn’t just some hobby for us, but a real passion. We bring in professionalism to ensure our Everglades airboat rides are some of the safest in Florida.


Animals are what people worry about the most. Many of you contact us and ask if you can get attacked by alligators. We won’t lie; they are dangerous creatures, and we do not take them lightly. Have no worries, though, as we are very experienced navigating the Everglades without disturbing its animal inhabitants. It means we will take you close enough to see them, but never too close. We don’t aggravate the local animal population, and we understand how to watch them without compromising your safety. Our captains know the best and safest spots for you to observe all those magnificent creatures, and you will always be safe in our airboats.


Airboats are superior to traditional boats because they glide above the water’s surface. It allows us not to disturb most of the animals of the Everglades. We fly above them, leaving them untouched and unaffected by our presence. You don’t have to worry about your airboat’s propellers getting stuck in the plants, as the propeller itself always stays above the surface of the water. Did we mention that airboats can go very fast? They are, in fact, very flexible as far as navigating through rough nature environments, making them the perfect vehicle for cruising the Everglades. Animals won’t catch up with us once we drive away!


Good preparation is often the key to most successful things, and this remains true for Everglades airboat rides. We always inspect our airboats every time we take them out. We ensure the engine is well fed and in the best shape possible. We examine the airboats for any cracks and damage. We also always fill up our water cooler with enough bottled water to keep you hydrated throughout your ride. Before starting your airboat ride, you should read our airboat essentials checklist. We outlined all the things you will need to take with you. We like to ensure you are ready to face the Florida heat and climate with the proper clothing and equipment.

As you can see, your safety is essential to us. We try to cover everything, but if you have any questions or concerns about safety, please contact us and ask anything you may have in mind. We will make sure to answer you with all the info you need. We want to offer you the best, most professional, and safest tours in Florida, and we look forward to seeing you!

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